Khamsum, a review

Khamsum, a review
Posted by webupdate on November 4, 2011 in Latest News

Khamsum, a short film by 31 year-old Loday Chophel, an aspiring filmmaker, won the first prize during the October 21-23 Beskop Tshechu in Thimphu.The 22 minute and 30 seconds film tells the story of Khamsum, a young boy who is in coma. His mind leaves his body and leads his father, who he has never met, to the hospital bed where he lies unconscious.

Khamsum takes his father for a tour to his mother’s house. The father then comes to know who Khamsum really is – his son from his one-time girlfriend. He also finds out that she is already dead. Human foible is shown here in the film by the man who impregnates his girlfriend and leaves her.

Khamsum is inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of life and death. It is the story of the union of a boy and his father.

Doekham (sensual), zhugkham (material) and zhugmey kham (formless) make up the Khamsum. The story revolves around complexities and emotions faced by people.

The strong bond between mother and child is depicted beautifully in the film. The mother refuses to abort the baby and decides to raise the baby singlehandedly.

Khamsum is a mild tearjerker.

Audience said that the film deserved the top prize for its new and unique narrative techniques.

Loday Chopel from Wamrong in Trashigang, said he is delighted to have won the award. He said he is thankful to the organisers of Beskop Tshechu for providing such a platform to showcase talents.

Loday topped the 64th batch audio visual class at the Asian Academy of Film and Television in Noida, India.

Loday is an accomplished director, actor and cameraman. He also writes film scripts. He describes himself as a man who is driven by passion for filmmaking.

By Karma Palden