YONTEN GI KAWA director: ugyen wangdi

Day by day, 11 year old Sherab Dorji walks three hours to school along with the other children in the village. They walk to school, singing together. The road leads across a mountain and through the woods. The parents constantly fear of their children meeting up with wild animals along the path. When Sherab walks the last part by himself in the evening, he prays aloud to fight his fear. They walk so much, his father says, that their socks tear within a week. Sherab’s parents depends on subsistence farming. The mother and sister are seen out late in the night. Yonten Gi Kawa depicts life in the rural Bhutan.


Nangi Aums to Go-thrips, director: kesang chuki dorjee

“Nangi Aums to Go-thrips” or Housewives to Leaders reviews the evolving role of women in Bhutan.

Out of a possible 518 women who passed the Election Commission’s Functional Literacy Tests, only 32% made it through to contest in the elections.June 27, 2011, 165 women candidates contested across the country as local government leaders.

Meet the women candidates from across the country who have taken a bold step to come forward to contribute to nation building. In a country where 51% of the population are women, this documentary film provides insights into the reality of women’s participation in governance in Bhutan.

THE JOURNEY OF FILM MAKING director: sonam yangzom

The Journey of a Filmmaking is an 8 minute documentary on how the Bhutanese film industry has developed. It also looks at how the government is trying to help the industry, and it follows a group of Bhutanese students who attended a film school in the Philippines sponsored by the Bhutanese government.