the true story of ah phoon director: tsim ho tat
 Ah Poon always stands firm on his beliefs. “Proud to be the enemy of injustice; Yet humble in the face of children.” From Lu Xun is his motto.One day, he finds out his daughter has been treated unfairly by the school due to one of her Chinese composition. He is furious and threatens to withdraw.

Does his principle grant him the right?

A Day In A Life director: kwok zune

She gets up early every morning. She works hard everyday. For her, a day is like a life but she lives on…



merry x’mas director: au man-kit

Gift exchange should be something minor for usual people. However, a little girl has to work so hard to collect the trash for selling, in order to get enough money, what a pity? The film does not have any earth-shaking scene, nor is a tearjerker. The film tried to view the world using the little girl’s eye, to feel what she feel with the society and humanity, to have empathy rather than sympathy on her. See if the film can inspire us to have more reflection on our “materialistic  lifestyle”?

Sawan Ki Ghata director: pryas gupta

Sawan Mukerjee is a famous film star who gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang of kidnappers, a week after his engagement to famous Hindi Film starlet Bipasha Basu. Reporters and police speculate on John Abraham’s involvement in the crime.  The film follows Sawan through this short melodramatic saga of epic love, tragedy, passion, emotion, devotion, lose motion, sun tan lotion, thriller, action, suspense and sex.

titli Udi director: Payal Kapadia
 A young woman tries to find her story, which eludes her like a fluttering butterfly. She digs into her past, both personal and the past of her nation, in the hope of discovering her own voice. She finally meets the Indian Goddess Santoshi Ma (a Goddess popularized by a Bollywood blockbuster film of the same name), who grants her a wish.

char dukan | four shops director: arvind caulagi

 This is a story about time, when it decided to rest its  heels, at the foot of the Himalayas. Or so, I thought. As a vistor this space feels surreal, out of nowhere with four shops huddled in a corner.

But times seems to have taken its own course meandering along this path and echoing through the hills. Stories of the past almost coincide with the present but never really meet. The fleeting images of nature that seem strange are things that happen here every other day.

Shyam Raat Seher director: Arunima Sharma
A middle-aged actor trying to revive his fading television career by playing Lord Krishna (a deity and highly popular figure in Hindu mythology), in a pseudo experimental play, gets a reason to escape it when his wife suddenly decides to leave him and go off somewhere. His journey in the city which begins with his search for his wife goes in different directions as the city decides to spring surprises at him. His ‘Krishna’ avatar, an ATM watchman’s predicament, a woman who’s done with her boyfriend but not with his car and a young girl, who aspires to be a model but plays their hands instead, add up to a crazy, eventful night.But does anything tangible that belongs to the night stay with the dawn?

eternity director: marTin c. DueÑas

This film is about the encounter of a Bhutanese nun and a foreigner. Although they fall in love with each other, it is the values of our religion, which eventually transcend.


kalu director: naveed anjum

A 15 minutes short film about cock fighting in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. This short film follows the life of three friends who run against time to protect what is precious to them and in the end make the ultimate gamble


starring Anju Srivastava director: Aniruddha Sen

Anju Srivastava is an aspiring actress in Bollywood, who gets only bit roles in films. As she bravely struggles to find her feet in the industry, she must also confront the varying morals and the politics of it.



the BOXING LADIES director: anusha nandakumar

The Boxing Ladies is a story of three teenage muslim sisters who are national level boxers and their struggle to be a part of the society and make their mark.



missing vultures director: Muhammad ali  ijaz

Missing Vultures is a documentary that highlights the causes behind the sudden and drastic in the vulture populations in Pakistan. Once found in the millions throughout Pakistan, they are now at the brink of extinction. This documentary explores the negative consequences of losing this important scavenger species to extinction and shows how the environment and human health are interelated. It also takes a look at the efforts by WWF-Pakistan to save the magnificent vulture from extinction.