Short film festival to encourage non-commercial filmmaking

Short film festival to encourage non-commercial filmmaking
Posted by webupdate on August 16, 2011 in Latest News, Local Buzz

Come October, a short film festival called Beskop Tshechu will be held in Thimphu from 21 to 23 to promote and encourage non-commercial filmmaking in Bhutan.
The festival is an opportunity for Bhutanese filmmakers to express and enjoy the craft without any commercial pressure. The festival will screen short films and documentaries made by Bhutanese. The maximum length of a film is 25 minutes and minimum can be one minute.

Dechen Roder, an independent filmmaker and one of the organizers of the festival, said the independent film festival will provide a platform for filmmakers to express themselves through the medium of filmmaking without the burden of profit or commercialization. Filmmakers and artists can share non-commercial alternative films with the audience.
Dechen said the festival will cultivate a new viewing culture and promote a new appreciation for films. “We want to give filmmakers a space and forum to share and celebrate their artistic endeavors.”

After the festival in Thimphu, which will raise funds, the festival will be taken to other parts of the country – to schools and film theatres.
In order to promote a new audience appreciation for alternative and non-commercial films and stories, the films will be screened free.
The film festival will have four categories for competition, namely new voices award (any films by filmmakers under 25 years of age), documentary award (documentary films by filmmakers over 25 years of age), very short film award, and short film award.

International jury from India and Denmark will judge the films.

Organizers said artists and filmmakers from India and Hongkong might also join to share a range of artistic films (short film) with Bhutanese filmmakers and audience.
At the festival, there will be filmmaking and arts related programmes, including master classes by foreign professionals, and music and drama activities.
The festival will also provide a platform for filmmakers to explore and analyze issues in the community through awards, opportunities, recognition and networking.
Individuals and filmmakers have to submit their films before September 15. Screenings will take place in an indoor theatre. However, some shorter films will be screened at the clock tower.

The short film festival was first organized by independent filmmakers, VAST Bhutan, and Happy Valley last year.

By Namgay Tshering